Explore Thassos

Wiled in the island of sirens….

On one hand... lush lands full of pines, platanus, firs and olive trees, which give off an odour of fertility, and on the other hand vast beaches with a golden face, sometimes purely Greek, and sometimes tropical! This inconceivable mixture is the island of Thassos which ties the visitor forever into a place of rare beauty that is just… blessed!

It is also known as the Emerald island due to Its nature,  lush vegetation, forest  and captivating scenery with pine trees covering the island and come down to the shores. It is the northernmost island of Aegean Ocean, only 18 sea miles far from Kavala and only 6 miles away from Keramoti.

The tallest summit in Thassos is Ypsario or Psario with an altitude of 1208 metres. The eastern part of the island is mountainous and rocky with high cliffs over the sea surface. Nevertheless, the western part of the island has lower altitude and its vast and fertile plain is full of rich olive groves.

The forests of Thassos are prominent. They are grown with firs, oaks, pines and planes. Formerly, the virgin forest was covering the whole surface of the island, but a big part of it was burnt by the great fires during the decade of 1980.

Apart from the flora, the fauna is also rich in Thassos! The scent of thyme and honey dominate the island, indicating the presence of hundreds of beehives, grown with care by the locals, while at the mountain one will see herds of sheep and goats, that enhance farming of the island.

Thassos has a fascinating history and striking ruins of past civilizations are dotted throughout the lowlands. Even the mountain villages are a reflection of a turbulent past when people retreated from coastal settlements to the relative safety of the interior.  The first habitants of the Island were the people of Phoenicia. The island was named after Thassos, the son of the Phoenician king, Anigoras. Prince Thassos arrived at the island seeking for his sister Europa who was abducted by Zeus.