Scuba Diving Experience

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater?

 Tell me more…….

Learn to dive safely and responsibly with professionals while having fun, discovering and experiencing the underwater world which will never stop fascinating you. Between dreams and reality.It’s just a small step so go further and take your license, start exploring by your own everywhere around the world. For beginners, the courses are taking place in a safe and friendly environment, when the weather allows, in swallow, well known places, under the direct and continuous supervision of our instructors.

Are you already a diver? Learn navigate, search and recover, improve your buoyancy techniques, dive deeper, capture in a professional way your underwater memories in pictures and movies, explore wrecks and caves. Did you enjoy the marine life during the day? Learn how to discover its habits and diversity in the night, in a new light. Meet new species and learn to recognize, protect them and yourself. Learn to respond in an emergency, learn how to communicate, solve a wide range of issues and –  why not? - lead other divers.


What's Included

  • Transfer
  • Professional instructor
  • Necessary equipment
  • Light lunch and beverage
  • CD with photos from your underwater experience