Ipsarion Adventure

Ipsarion Adventure

Start the adventure in Luxurius 4x4 (with A/C) andexplorethe monastery “Panagouda”. A serine place, were nature blends with the Orthodox religion.

Set off to Ipsarion the highestmountain in Thassos (1204m high), where you can admire the breath-taking view (you can see the island of Samothraki, Kavala, Keramoti, Thassopoula and the circumference of Thasos island). Visit the serene lake of Maries.Next stop is thevillage of Maries and its Lake, a step back in time.

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Panagouda Monastery

We collect our guests with the jeep from their hotels and take off to the monastery “Panagouda”.

The Monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary is known as Panagouda to the locals and beyond. There you can see the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary and learn about the history that it comes with. The icon is also closelyconnected with the construction of the Monastery at thislocation. A monk lives there for the last twenty-six years on his own. He loves cats and football which makes him apeculiar monk, loved by all the people of the island and sought out for confessions throughout the year, even from some not so strong in the faith.

Ipsarion Mountain

When you arrive at the top of Ipsarion, don’t forget to write your name in the impression book and that way make your small mark in time. Also, you can admire the breathtaking view (they can see the island of Samothraki,Kavala, mount Athos and the circumference of Thasos island). Thanks to Ipsarion and many other hills, Thasos has very pleasant weather conditions. Nights are fresh, and during the day there is almost always a light breeze, which helps you handle hot temperatures, without bothering you.

Lake of Maries

A place of beauty, calming sounds,tranquil view and peaceful recollection.

 Maries village

The village Maries was founded in the time of Byzant. It is about 12 km north-east from Skala Maries. The village is in the high of 200 meters and it has about 70 inhabitants. The inhabitants are farming, beekeeping, stock breeding and growing of olive trees.


Long ago there was the cloister of Panagouda just in front of Maries. The various kinds of legends are telling the story of how the village was founded here and how it came to its name. The first story says that the village was called Maries, because nearly all women were named Maries. The second tells us that the village was destroyed by pirates and rebuilt sometime later. After the third story only two women were saved after the village was destroyed by pirates. The two women were called Maria. The church in the middle of the village was built in 1800. It was built for the meeting of the archangels. Inside the church there is a beautiful fresco. The festivals for the saints of the church are in November. In Maries there is a coffee shop and some taverns. You won't find shops for souvenirs, bars or discos. Maries is a sight not a tourist's village.


*Don t Forget: (Note) Hat, Sunglasses, Suntan cream, camera, light jacket.