Giola is a natural rocky pool that is located in the region of Astris. The height of the rocks reaches up to 8m from where the swimmers can dive into the clear waters. The course towards Giola is tough and you will have to walk.

In order to arrive at Giola, drive from Poto to Astris. After the hotel Aeria you will find a sign indicating to Sirens....

Marbel Beach

Marble Beach is a paradise with turquoise waters, sandy beach, and pine trees that reach the sea.

The decoration in white colors, totally in tune with the white marble and the green olives, makes Porto Vathy Marble beach an ideal place for relaxation.

In Marble Beach is a fully equipment beach, that you can spend a lot of hours.


Theologos Traditional Village

At an altitude of 220m and at the southeastern part of the island it is located the country-style hilly village called Theologos. It is 50 kilometers far from Limenas and 10 kilometers far from Poto. Its population is 800 people whose main avocation in summer is tourism while agriculture and kettle-breeding during winter.

The first records in manu...


Beautiful beaches, mostly sandy, are dotted all around the island with a wide variety on offer, from large, deep beaches with plenty of facilities to small, idyllic hideaway coves.

Do not missed  

Limenas the capital of Thassos, on one side the sea on the other side the pine forest.  Small picturesque streets, shops, taver...

Explore Thassos

Wiled in the island of sirens….

On one hand... lush lands full of pines, platanus, firs and olive trees, which give off an odour of fertility, and on the other hand vast beaches with a golden face, sometimes purely Greek, and sometimes tropical! This inconceivable mixture is the island of Thassos which ties the visito...