VIP Catamaran

Touch the waves

Feel the sun

Flow with the wind

Embrace the Luxury.

Feel the pleasure of sailing in a luxury catamaran as you embark on the ideal sailing trip.

This experience is offering you the chance to leave the beach behind and sail ahead for the hidden gems of the Emerald island of Th...

Southern Delights Cruise

This is a breathtaking tour of the southern part of the island of Thassos, stopping off at a selection of beaches so you can all enjoy a swim in hidden beaches that you could not easily reach from land. There is time for sunbathing and fishing as well. 

The boat has a full range of facilities including a mini-bar, toilets, interior seating and a s...

Ipsarion Adventure

Ipsarion Adventure

Start the adventure in Luxurius 4x4 (with A/C) andexplorethe monastery “Panagouda”. A serine place, were nature blends with the Orthodox religion.

Set off to Ipsarion the highestmountain in Thassos (1204m high), where you can admire the breath-tak...

Scuba Diving Experience

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater?

 Tell me more…….

Learn to dive safely and responsibly with professionals while having fun, discovering and experiencing the underwater world which will never stop fascinating you. Between dreams and reality.It’s just a small step...

Sailing cruise

Set sail for paradise and experience an excursion of a lifetime!

The emerald island of Thassos, is the gem of the Aegean Sea, here you can find some of the most beautiful and crystal clear waters.

Tell me more…….

A full day excursion, on a 44 feet (14m) long sailing ship, with a maximum ca...